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Before the Show

The success of your Trade Show participation needs careful planning, promotion and execution. Starting early is good; but even when you don’t have much time, you still must finish the important tasks. Invitations to Prospects and Customers needs to be more than ok, it should be professional and hardworking. With Dazzletoday Marketing pro’s can manage the pre-Show activity powerfully, so the Sales Team is ready to win when the opening day arrives.

  • Manage Contacts intelligently
  • Create, assign and manage Tasks
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Invitation to Prospects and Customers
  • Pre-sell your products and services
  • Track RSVPs
  • Let invitees set up Appointments
  • Manage Service Partners
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During the Show

Stand out amidst hundreds of rival exhibitors and start a meaningful dialogue with a Prospect. Ensure you don’t allow a single Lead to fall through the cracks. Dazzletoday helps you maximize every minute and every Lead at the Show with better planning and smarter Lead capture.

  • Capture Leads with ease, with our companion mobile app
  • Qualify your Leads and set an automated follow up action
  • Maximize booth Staff productivity
  • Send pre-defined ‘thank you’ e-mails, automatically
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After the Show

Let the Show not end on the ‘last’ day. Start following up before others and cultivate the relationship you started at the Show. Every warm lead is a customer waiting for you to persuade and convert.

  • Assign leads to team members and reps
  • Start following up without delay, we have loads of templates for you
  • Send reminder material, including pictures from the Show
  • Conduct post-Show feedback survey
  • Export lead data into your CRM, if you use one
  • Measure Show ROI
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Before the Show


Why wait until the week before the Show? Start conversations with prospects and customers early. Stay top of mind.

Send professional, personalised and hardworking e-invites, using any of our dozens of ready-to-use designs and E-mail templates.

Schedule e-mails to go out when you want it, so receivers get it just in time

Communicate product and service benefits and Show highlights in advance, using your marketing assets stored securely right inside Dazzletoday.

Know who’s coming, using our unique RSVP applet.

Allow Prospects and Customers to fix appointments with your Sales Reps or Managers attending the Show, beforehand.

Communicate product benefits to even those who cannot make it to the Show.

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During the Show


Every guest at the Booth is a Customer or Partner waiting to be persuaded and converted. Start building a personal relationship immediately.

Note all important details about your interaction, including those that usually get lost.

Use our ready-to-use lead capture form or create your own; it’s fully customizable.

Use the form on our mobile app to capture relevant details of the leads, in a minute

Even if the internet connection at the Show is slow, no problem. The mobile app stores all lead details collected by all team mates and syncs with Dazzletoday in a jiffy, whenever they go online

Beat your competitors in sending a personalised and predesigned ‘thank you’ e-mail capturing important details of your conversation and follow up action, while the guest is still inside the Show.

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After the Show


Why delay? Start cultivating your new relationships and cementing older ones immediately.

Qualify your leads as per your sales process

Bucket them in practical and useful ways; we have the standard CRM buckets built in already.

Assign leads to sales team members.

Start sending follow up e-mails, using our tags, lists and templates, immediately. Stay ahead of rivals trying to get into your lead’s mind.

Export all data into your CRM if you are using one and start nurturing the leads

Send useful Show Report to even those invitees who could not attend the Show. They will be thankful.

Our smart e-mail signature applet lets you put your own photo in the e-mail signature, so your leads will remember who they met.

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