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In our first avatar, we tried helping Marketing and Sales folks extract more out of Trade Shows and Exhibitions. Based on the feedback from our early users, we decided to hit the gym - to get leaner and fitter and develop a sharper personality. ☺

We will be back soon.

Meanwhile, if you are in Marketing or Sales in a growth-minded, mid-sized B2B company, we would love to get to know you. You are the one we are building our company and our products for. Please connect with us.
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About FOA Growth Tech

We are a team passionate about helping growth-minded mid-sized B2B companies do smarter, better and more agile Customer Management. We love Marketing and Sales and we know we all can be better at whatever job we are trying to get doneby using Technology effectively.

At present, we are committed to understanding how Marketing Managers in B2B companies use Trade Shows and Exhibitions and how we can help them accomplish their goals.

Let’s connect and explore solving problems together.

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