Trade Shows are great. We make them worth more.

What is Dazzletoday?

Dazzletoday is a cool, new age Trade Show App, meant for companies participating in Trade Shows and Expos as Exhibitors. It makes smart Marketing and Sales teams agile and participating in Trade Shows more productive. Using Dazzletoday, they can excite, engage and persuade Prospects and Leads; build stronger relationships and boost revenue potential from Trade Shows.

Designed by Marketing and Sales people who have sweated it out for many years in the trenches, Dazzletoday helps understand Prospects and Leads as real people, and build relationship through the year – before, during and after the Trade Show.

What drives us as a company

We are a company inspired by the amazing and infinite possibilities of putting technology to use for growth-minded businesses, in a simple, practical and human-biased manner, so that they can grow with productivity, innovativeness and agility.

Our Business Point of View.

As career Marketing and Sales people, we believe in the virtuous cycle of Relationship and Revenue. Strong relationships create opportunities for higher revenue, which allows investment in building even stronger relationships.

We have also learnt through experience that relationships start essentially between two individuals or two groups of individuals, who happen to be employed by two different companies. Sometimes, this relationship transcends individuals and groups and becomes a company relationship; but it always begins with people. Which is why the better a sales rep can understand the to-be-customer as a person, rather than just as another company’s employee, the greater the chance of building a warm, empathetic relationship that may eventually turn a stranger into a believer, then a customer or even an advocate.

We are committed to creating products and platforms that help build stronger and consistent relationships between people and the companies they represent, that go beyond pure transactional nature that business relationships have come to be associated with.

Our Product Point of View.

We are aware that several best of breed softwares exist for Marketing and Sales people. Contact Management, E-Mail Marketing, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Graphic Design, CRM, Marketing Asset Management, have been available for years and most companies building them are great.

If you had a big team, lot of money and IT folks with a lot of free time on their hands, you can subscribe to all these, get them to work with each other, train your team, so that they end up actually using them all. Sadly [happily, for us] most customers we know don’t have that kind luxury.

Which is why, we built the whole thing as one app with only the most used features, seamless modules, a lot of trade shows, templates and tasks pre-loaded. The expected learning time is little, so your team can get started in hours, instead of days.

Our view is, software gets used well, not because it’s perfect, but because it’s respectful of the user’s time and effort.

A bit contrarian? Sure.

But our customers tell us it works for them. And that works for us.

Our culture.

We are a bunch of Business, Marketing and Sales people, passionate about using technology to solve every-day hidden problems. We obsess ourselves with problems, particularly the kind that suck a lot of Marketing and Sales people’s time.

We are collaborative, respectful, disciplined, and agile. Sounds like the Company you want on your side? Talk to us. We are looking for good people.