Better Relationships. Stronger Brand Recognition.

That’s what all of us expect Trade Shows need to deliver.
And that’s where Dazzletoday has been designed to help.

Dazzletoday helps you get more from same time

All your contacts are in one place appropriately tagged to invite and follow up

You can create e-mail Invites quickly using our ready-to-use e-mail templates

You can manage Tasks and Alerts seamlessly without spending additional time following up manually

You can tag and categorize all your marketing assets neatly , so you can have easy access at the show or even while sending invites

You can capture Leads and their important details via the built-in app on your mobile device, right inside the Booth, so no need to spend days or weeks entering data

You can export all your Leads in a format of your choice and import them into your CRM app, if you use one

Trade Show app for Exhibitors
Trade Show app for Exhibitors

Dazzletoday makes your money work harder

You don’t need to spend on multiple softwares to manage contacts, send emails, capture leads, manage budget and more

You budget properly for your Trade show

Dazzletoday helps build better, more practical relationships

You can connect your with Prospects before the Show and maintain an ongoing conversation

You can engage them right after their visit to the Booth

You can harvest your meeting data with them over time to build valuable insights

You can e-mail them regular news and information helping you build stronger relationships with them

Dazzletoday helps you create a stronger Brand Presence.

Professional, regular e-mail campaigns before the Show keeps your Company top of mind

Branded e-mail signature helps build consistent brand image

You can post assets, invites and updates on Social Media helping you improve your online presence

Dazzletoday helps you plan your participation smarter.

All your Tasks are mapped and assigned to sales reps with regular reminders to the team members and their manager

You know more about the trade show, the local service providers and the location, so you can plan your day smartly