Billing, Refund and Shipping Policy


Effective Date: 28th April, 2016

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy (defined below) or otherwise, the capitalized terms used herein, shall have the same meaning attributed to it in our Terms and Conditions.

This Subscription and Refund Policy (“Policy”) has been made by FOA Growthtech Private Limited (“Dazzletoday”,” our”, “us”, “we”).


We offer our Services to companies (“users”, “you”, “your”) for a fourteen (14) day free trial period (“Trial Period”). You shall be required to select a subscription plan and thereafter on your selection of the subscription plan, your free trial period shall commence. After activation, Dazzletoday may notify you, by e-mail regarding the commencement of the Trial Period and mentioning the date of expiry. It is clarified by Dazzletoday that the Trial Period shall solely apply to new users of Dazzletoday and shall not apply to existing users that have a subscription plan.

Any user who was previously a paid subscriber of Dazzletoday, shall not be entitled to Trial Period for the usage of Services if the user cancels his/her subscription of Dazzletoday and subsequently subscribes to plans of Dazzletoday again.



Dazzletoday shall not bill any user in the event a user cancels, terminates, deletes his account and subscription with Dazzletoday during the Trial Period. In addition to this, Dazzletoday shall not ask the user for any credit card, debit card, net banking details during the aforesaid Trial Period. In the event, you do not use your account during the Trial Period; Dazzletoday shall be entitled to cancel your account.



You understand and agree that after the expiry of the Trial Period, you shall be required to pay for the plan you subscribed to, for which Dazzletoday shall raise an invoice for the term of one (01) year. It is clarified that once you make payment after the use of Trial Period for your subscribed plan, Dazzletoday shall have the right to deduct from your credit card, debit card, net banking, bank account the subscription fee along with taxes and ancillary charges. Users shall be required to pay yearly the subscription charges for the services of Dazzletoday. The subscription plans of Dazzletoday are auto-renewable. In the event, you do not wish to continue using the services of Dazzletoday, you shall request for the cancellation of subscription plan by e-mailing a notice to You may get an email from Dazzletoday regarding the cancellation of your subscription.


Dazzletoday charges its subscription fee in advance for the use of its Services. You acknowledge and confirm that the subscription fee charged by Dazzletoday for the Services utilized is non-refundable. During the Trial Period or after its expiration, Dazzletoday shall raise an invoice in advance for the whole year and you shall be entitled to use the Services for a period of one (01) year or till the expiry of your plan, whichever is earlier.

All fees charged by Dazzletoday are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, and you are responsible for payments of all such taxes, levies, or duties. The fees that Dazzletoday charges for the services do not include phone charges, internet access charges, payment gateways charges. Any currency exchange settlements are based on your settlement with the payment method provider.

You shall provide true, correct and accurate details of your credit card, debit card, net banking or any other payment mode instrument. In case, any incorrect details are provided by you, you shall be solely responsible for any kind of loss, damage, injury caused to you, Dazzletoday or any third party. In the event, your credit card, debit card or any other payment mode instrument details, as accepted by Dazzletoday expires or gets modified, you shall provide to Dazzletoday the correct details of your modified payment mode instrument immediately, before seven (07) days of such expiry or modification of payment details.


In the event, you exceed your plan limits of your subscription plan (“Your Plan”) and reach another subscription plan (“Reached Plan”), you shall be required to pay to Dazzletoday such amount which would be calculated by deducting the amount of Your Plan from Reached plan. Again, if you plan to use more consumables than the share allotted for Your Plan, you will need to pay to Dazzletoday such amount for the additional consumables you plan to use for Your Plan.


In the event, you cancel using our Services during your subscription plan; Dazzletoday may refund for your remaining duration of subscription plan by deducting such amount determined, calculated, reckoned, evaluated on the basis of extent of Services used by you “Refund Amount”. You agree and confirm that the Refund Amount to be paid to you shall be solely determined by Dazzletoday and the decision made by Dazzletoday shall be final and binding.


In the event of any dispute, controversy, difference of opinion with regard to the Refund Amount, Subscription plan or any dispute arising out of the provisions of this policy, the sole decision shall be of Dazzletoday and you shall be bound to accept the same.


You and Dazzletoday agree that any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this Policy or Services provided by Dazzletoday, the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof “Disputes” shall be settled by  the courts of law at Mumbai.


This Policy shall be read in line with the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Dazzletoday.