Designed to help Marketing and Sales Teams
plan and execute Trade Show participation smarter. At every stage.

Before the Show

The success of your Trade Show participation needs careful planning, promotion and execution. Starting early is good; but even when you don’t have much time, you still must finish the important tasks. Invitations to Prospects and Customers needs to be more than ok, it should be professional and hardworking. With Dazzletoday Marketing pro’s can manage the pre-Show activity powerfully, so the Sales Team is ready to win when the opening day arrives.

  • Manage Contacts intelligently
  • Create, assign and manage Tasks
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Invitation to Prospects and Customers
  • Pre-sell your products and services
  • Track RSVPs
  • Let invitees set up Appointments
  • Manage Service Partners
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During the Show

Stand out amidst hundreds of rival exhibitors and start a meaningful dialogue with a Prospect. Ensure you don’t allow a single Lead to fall through the cracks. Dazzletoday helps you maximize every minute and every Lead at the Show with better planning and smarter Lead capture.

  • Capture Leads with ease, with our companion mobile app
  • Qualify your Leads and set an automated follow up action
  • Maximize booth Staff productivity
  • Send pre-defined ‘thank you’ e-mails, automatically
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After the Show

Let the Show not end on the ‘last’ day. Start following up before others and cultivate the relationship you started at the Show. Every warm lead is a customer waiting for you to persuade and convert.

  • Assign leads to team members and reps
  • Start following up without delay, we have loads of templates for you
  • Send reminder material, including pictures from the Show
  • Conduct post-Show feedback survey
  • Export lead data into your CRM, if you use one
  • Measure Show ROI
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How Dazzletoday helps Sales Folks

For the sales reps, every minute in the booth is worth a million dollars.

Dazzletoday helps maximize those minutes and start building action focused relationships, right from the word go. Since information about leads is captured and uploaded seamlessly, friction with Marketing is minimized and lead qualification and follow-ups can begin immediately. It helps Sales Teams track leads and build deep relationships with them , so persuasion and conversion can be faster.

Go ahead, give it a spin.

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